Who Is She?

Hi, I’m Claire, a Londoner through and through, I’d like to think I am a Jack of all trades. From being a radio presenter to an author to a sing-a-holic.  

I set up ‘Just A Girl and Her Thoughts’ in 2017 to put all I’ve learnt in one place. To help you save the time trying to figure things out.

From fashion, to do lists, lifestyle, tips and tricks and much more you’ll find from my blog.  You can find me on Instagram to see my fashion and lifestyle choices. You can catch up with me on Twitter which I think is my favourite place to learn about others and what is going on in the world. That and the BBC News.

I am also the Founder of Aunty M Brain Tumours.  which I started up  in 2011. A place to support people affected by a benign or cancerous brain tumour via social media. Support for sufferer, survivor, family or friend. Raising awareness for brain tumours and directing people to the right organisations or charities.

To show I am not just talking the talk, I also walk the walk. You can find pieces about me in places such as The Sun, Choice Magazine, Best Magazine and Bella Magazine.

Why the heck would I want to do that, I hear you ask. Well, because being told you or your loved one has ‘a brain tumour’ is a life-changing event, whether it is cancerous or benign. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was just 25 in 2008, and I know the struggles that come with this devastating diagnosis.

I have written books about my experiences and hopefully, they help others.

Available Here:


The titles say it all. These books read like a series of diary entries.  Brain Tumour Diagnosis, Surgery, Physical Recovery and the Cognitive and Social Recovery Process.

It shares the highs and lows along the way. It is a story of love and of loss but always determination to never give up.

I am here to inspire and motivate you. Let’s do this journey together.


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