New Year, New Adventures!

Welcome to the ROARING TWENTIES! 

With a new year, we’ve also hit a new decade! On January 1st, we kissed the 2010’s goodbye and cheerfully welcomed the 2020’s. 

Well I don’t know about you all, but I am taking this new decade as a HUGE new book for myself. Going into this new decade, I’m in my mid-twenties and let me just say, I’ve got big plans for myself. I’m going to finish things, take on new adventures, and see where life takes me. There’s no timeline attached to me, so why feel like I need to rush anything. 

To give you a quick summary and glimpse into how my year has been going the last 31-32 days, allow me to start off by giving you some fun highlights that happened towards the end of 2019. 

For starters, I have moved back into the college life and going to school with the end goal in mind that I will fishing my medical schooling. That’s been a dream/goal of mine for quite some time, and I’ve spend more than enough time dwelling and lingering if I wanted to accomplish it. 

The next cool thing that happened was I went on a friendcation with my online writing friends. We traveled through the wonderful states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Our major accomplishments were an Ice Nine Kills Concert, a TOOL Concert, and going to the Cincinnati Zoo…oh, along with some mini adventures along the way as well. 

Aside from those two exciting accomplishments, the end of the year was just full of learning moments that I’m truly blessed for. 

Now, skipping forward to 2020, there hasn’t been much happening other than starting a new job, which I am 100% LOVING and planning for another friendcation. No joke! We started talking about right after the last friendcation at the end of October, and it just worked out that we were able to do this. Where is our destination now you might ask? I’ll be happy to answer….CALIFORNIA! That’s right! 

As I am typing this blog, I am sitting in the plane about an hour and a half away from my first destination on this vacation and the excitement is filling even more with every closer step. Aside from getting to see this amazing people once more, I am super excited because this friendcation and getaway has somehow brought me such inspiration to write, to blog, to just do what I love! (This is my fair warning that in the next 12 days, I’ll be taking in the moments that I get to blog about my trip. I’ll even be pulling out the trusty Nikon Camera to take some pictures to include in this posts). 

Well that’s all I have! I hope you look forward to my next posts. Thanks for reading, and I am SO happy to be back! 

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