Last Minute Stay

Today was a very emotional day. For the last 5 days I have been living life in Knoxville, TN, visiting my sister. I ate well. I hung out with family. I could not have asked for a better vacation.

However, like every good vacation, it must come to an end. Except this traveling girl was not ready for that. I drove over 8 hours to decide that I was not ready for my vacation to be over. Nope, instead, as the rain began to pour, I was on the phone making reservations to stay somewhere for the night.

Now you might be wondering – Girl, how much more did you have to go if you were already driving 8 hours….well my complete drive (including stops for food, gas, and the occasional potty stop) would equal out to be 10 hours. Before you say (or think) anything, allow me to remind you…it has been a VERY emotional day….and like any other girl or honestly person who has an emotional day, your day can go from being thrilling and adrenaline worthy to sappy and sad within minutes. So, I felt the smart move was made.

Stop for the night in a nice, well rated Hotel, order some delicious Seafood Pasta, and just enjoy some time alone…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And that’s exactly what this girl is about to do. I took a rejuvenating shower, got into my new satin pajama set from Victoria Secret (and yes they are pink!), opened a word document to do a little typie-type (writing), and just enjoy the rest of the evening…seeing that’s 15 minutes till 11:00 pm.

With that, I shall sign off for the night. I’ll do my ABSOLUTE best to try and give a summary about my getaway…and honestly, work on doing better with this blog, in general.


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