Mid-Day Thought

So today I actually have a mid-day thought and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to write it out. As I sit on the floor of a classroom, surrounded by precious little ones sleeping, being grateful for nap time, even though I’m not in a classroom all day anymore, I am great for this chance.

Nothing crucial or over the top is on my mind, just some creative ideas for some good writes. I’ll definitely take a little bit of time to diving into those today and later this evening. Am I excited about these random, spontaneous writing spurts…absolutely!

Now if you’re reading and wondering what could be my mid-day thought…easy. Today’s mid-day thought is simply how nice life is when things flow into place. Sometimes things don’t always work out the way we want or things take an unexpected turn, but we have to trust the process. And that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

In a short timespan, I have really had to learn to stop overthinking/overanalyzing the process and literally trust the process 100%. Was it easy to do so? Absolutely not. Do I still struggle with it from time to time? Absolutely! How am I feeling with it right now? Well I am definitely finding myself relying better on the process, which honestly surprises me because in the past, trusting processes has not be a strong suit at all.

But I guess that comes with growing up, gaining more maturity over time with age, and having umpteenth different experiences to learn from. Which is a lot of ways I am thinking for all the opportunities and experiences, because I know those definitely helped me to better accept things happening and to expect almost anything.

I might look into doing a podcast about this later this week or even tonight…we shall see.

Until the next time…


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